Month: November 2021

Finding a new balance of risk: the impact of COVID-19 on project finance and development practices in Latin America and Africa

By Sofiane VANDECASTEELE, Student in Dual Master’s Degree in Law and Finance “Project finance is a form of secured lending characterized by intricate, but balanced, risk allocation arrangements”[1]. This definition of project finance perfectly highlights how the legal documentation for this particular mode of financing seeks to strike the right balance of risk. It is […]

Does the European Union monitor how member-states organize their democratic systems? Democracy through law as a new policy tool of European institutions

By Alexandre Lejeune, masters student in Public Economic Law. October 7th’ ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court[1], stating that provisions of European treaties were incompatible with the Polish constitution, struck fear in the hearts of euro-enthusiasts, as the perspective of a normative Polexit, and more generally, of the end of the deepening of European integration, […]

La régulation du secteur postal en France : comment concilier concurrence et service public ?

Par Rose Aragon et Louise Caffrey, deux étudiantes en deuxième année du Master Droit économique de l’École de droit de Sciences Po Paris. Introduction à la Régulation du Secteur Postal en France La régulation du secteur postal, tant à l’échelle européenne que française, s’est développée à l’aune de deux objectifs : l’ouverture à la concurrence […]